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Since the stomach sleeve surgical treatment is carried out laparoscopically, there is much less time invested in the medical facility. In most cases patients are typically only needed to spend one to 2 days in the health center. The recuperation time is also much shorter than if a bigger incision was made to do the procedure. It is because of this that lots of doctors and also patients like the laparoscopic surgery. After surgical procedure the patient will likely experience a puffy and tender abdominal area for numerous days; many doctors will certainly prescribe medication to assist in the pain. The common diet regimen for a client, who has actually undergone this kind of surgical treatment, needs that they remain on a liquid-only diet regimen for 2 weeks after surgical procedure. Afterwards, the client will certainly then be enabled to consume pureed foods for two additional weeks, and also the last step would be consuming strong food after the two weeks have passed.

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